Mr Chris Eaton. Director

Chris Eaton started his career in the financial service industry in 1983. Having held key positions in 3 IFA practices, including an MD role, he has developed a relationship lasting as long as 20 years with clients and professional connections. Following a "wake up" call last year relating to a long standing health issue, he decided to set up CHARTIS PROFESSIONAL CONNECTIONS.

Chris Eaton

"Social media is very useful, but there is no substitute for people dealing with and KNOWING people"
Chris Eaton Director


Expert at finding experts

Trust Honesty Integrity Sustainability

THIS is a component concept of any relationship but is not always a "given". CHARTIS predominantly works with connections whom have provided advice directly or indirectly to Chris and his clients. In simple terms, CHARTIS works with advisers who are likely to sit "around the boardroom table" of SMEs and LLPs.

Chris says "I have always been a good networker and able to spot opportunities for business associates. I have worked on the basis of it being good business practice, but now will put a structure together, to provide a service to clients, prospects, and key associates.

CHARTIS will provide a frank, open and straightforward approach to the world of business to business.

ChartisPC is proud to support BASIC Brain & Spinal Injury Charity. Charity No 518806


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